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Build Your Own Dream in Spacious Land on Main Road MADINAT ZAYED
AED 3,900,000

View details Built-Up - 30064.56 Sq Ft Land Size - 30064.56 Sq Ft

NOTE: The pictures are general only. Zayed City known as Madinat Zayed formerly 'Abu Dhabi Capital District' is a construction project which will be built seven kilometers in land south of Abu Dhabi island, United Arab Emirates, between Mohammed Bin Zayed City and Abu Dhabi International Airport. The project will also have a fully integrated transport system tying into the rest of the transport network, including a high-speed rail service, metro railway and regional rail connections. Upon completion the 4,900 hectare Zayed City will serve as a second downtown for Abu Dhabi proper and will be homes to over 370,000…

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Residential Land Located on Two Street KHALIFA-CITY
AED 4,300,000

View details Built-Up - 21000 Sq Ft Land Size - 21000 Sq Ft

NOTE: The pictures are general only. This Land located on two streets Land Size : 21,000 Sq.Ft Khalifa City A is at the centre of the larger Madinat Khalifa suburb which includes Khalifa City B also known as Shakhbout City and New Khalifa City. The large, luxurious villas and reasonably priced apartments make it a popular spot for renting in the capital.It appeals to most demographics,is extremely expat-friendly and has several schools catering to international curriculums. While the villas are preferred by families (NEARBY AREAS ) * Mussaffah Industrial Area * Between Two Bridges * Al Raha Beach * Yas…

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Investment Wise for Big Plot Closed to Street Side KHALIFA-CITY
AED 2,448,240

View details Built-Up - 11252 Sq Ft Land Size - 11252 Sq Ft

NOTE: The pictures are general image only. This is one of Abu Dhabi’s up-and-coming neighborhoods and every villa is in close proximity to the community’s mosques, school and neighborhood retail centre. The walkways link residents to the open spaces in other areas of Al Merief; they help to build a close sense of community – here you will know your neighbors: their children will be your children’s friends, and you too will make friends as you walk amidst the flower beds of the beautifully crafted gardens. Perhaps you will share a pleasant conversation beneath a shady tree. Al Merief will…

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